Jio Cricket Play Along App: Play the Game on MyJio App

Jio Cricket Play Along is an exciting concept which allows you to play a cricket play-along game during IPL Cricket Matches scheduled for broadcasting from April 07, 2018 to May 27, 2018. The application will display the questions and answer options in sync with the Match broadcast. Based on the answer options shown on the App, players should select the answer, thereby submitting it. Answers will be revealed on the App subsequently. Correct answers enable a player to earn points. Here we will discuss Jio Cricket Play Along app download for Jio, JioPhone and Non-Jio users.

Jio Cricket Play Along App

Jio Cricket Play Along App Download: Play on MyJio App

  • You have to download the latest version of MyJio app which is available for Android on Play Store / for iOS on App Store
  • After installation, Open the app and click on ‘play the game.’
  • Enter Referral Code: S1JJYH8l
  • Now start playing the game.
  • You can also use PowerPlay to get more points

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Jio Cricket Play Along App Download on JioPhone

  • The app is already installed on JioPhone devices, If not, you can install the App
  • Make sure that you have a Jio SIM in the Jio Phone, to be able to play the game.

For Non-Jio Users (I am Not a Jio User)

  • Open the MyJio app
  • Submit details like mobile number to receive OTP
  • If you are not a Jio user, then you have to confirm the OTP which you will receive on your mobile before proceeding.
  • If you have not received, then check the number you have entered and click the ‘Re-send’ button.

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Note: Non-Jio users have to register on the app at least 30 minutes before the match broadcast starts so that you have enough time to get acquainted with the format, select your preferred language and commence answering the game.

I am Not Able to Access the Jio Cricket Play Along App

If you are unable to access the Jio Cricket Play Along in the MyJio App, you can follow these steps

  • Update the latest version of the MyJio App from the Play Store / App Store
  • Force close the MyJio App on your device
  • Clear Cache / cookies from Settings -> Apps -> MyJio
  • Now Open MyJio App once again


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