What Is Jio Cricket Play Along Leaderboard?

Jio Cricket Play Along has been announced by Reliance Jio. And we have also published every detail about this game on our site. But there are some people who might not understand that what the Jio Cricket Play Along leaderboard is. Many participants may also see their names on the leaderboard. So, what is this? Let’s find it below.

What Is Jio Cricket Play Along Leaderboard?

So, actually, Jio Cricket Play Along Leaderboard is not that what most of the users are thinking. A lot of people will also see their names on the leaderboard and they might think that they won the game. But that’s not true. Reliance Jio itself also mentioned it on their official website, by telling that, the leaderboard is purely indicative and does not affect the winner determination process.


My name is on the Leaderboard, why have I not won a prize?

So, now you can understand that, if you see your name on the leaderboard, that does not mean that, you have won something. Actually, it is basically a normal leaderboard where the names of the top 50 names of participants will be shown randomly among all of the players who have the highest point at a given time. And the names will keep changing over time as soon as new players started getting the highest points in that situation.

I have the same points as someone else, but my name is not on the Leaderboard, Why?

Another thing you can notice during the Jio Cricket Play Along game is, you may see any of your friends or other participant’s name in the leaderboard, who have the same number of points like you. Then you might think that why there is not your name even after having the same number of points? Well, this is because both of you are on the same level.

But as I mentioned above, the system will pick the names of the top 50 participants who have the highest point. But there may be more than 50 people at a time who have the same number of points as the highest player has. So, in that case, the system will show the names of any 50 participants randomly. As it pickups name randomly, your name might not be shown there, even if you have got the same number of points by playing Jio Cricket Play Along Game.


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