Jio Cricket Play Along Booster Cards: How to Earn & Use it?

I hope you already know about Jio Cricket Play Along game. If not yet, please check our other articles, this whole site is about Jio Cricket Play Along. And in this article, we will be talking about Jio Cricket Play Along Booster Cards. These cards can be used to earn more points than normal. But to get these cards, you also need to do some tasks. Only then you can use it during the live gameplay.

What is Booster Cards in Jio Cricket Play Along game?

There are two Booster Cards namely Powerplay and Free Hit Card. These cards can be found in the top right corner of each question asked during the live game as a button. There is also a number field which shows you how many times you can use it currently. You can use these cards to earn more points during the game. Every time you click on the PowerPlay/Free Hit apply button, it will provide more points if your given answer become correct in the real match. So these cards surely increase the chances for you to win the Jio Cricket Play Along game and win exciting prizes according to the number of points you have in your My Jio app account.

booster cards benefits

How to Earn Booster Cards?

Multiple Booster Cards could be earned by a Player using the below options. However, You will be permitted to use only one Powerplay and one Free Hit card per an Innings.

  • Earn Free Hit for Completing Demo Game, Level Upgrade, After every 3 Matches
  • Earn Powerplay for Profile Completion, Completing Demo Game, Level Upgrade, After every 3 Matches

booster cards earning method

How to Apply Booster Cards During a Match?

Booster Cards may be applied by you anytime during the Innings. Once applied, the Booster Cards will be activated from the next three (3) consecutive overs.

  • Free Hit Card and Powerplay can be applied together.
  • Unused Booster Cards will be carried forward to subsequent Innings.
  • Booster Cards are applicable for Per Ball Questions (ball by ball and extras). The cards are not applicable to any other questions.

What are the Benefits of These Cards?

  • If you activate Powerplay then you will be able to earn double points for every question answered correctly.
  • If you activate a Free Hit Card than you will be able to earn (i) 40 points for every four (ii) 60 points for every six hit and (iii) 100 points for every wicket.
  • Once activated, You have to answer at least one Per Ball Question to be entitled to points awarded under Free Hit Card.

Booster Cards Not Workings, Why?

Booster Cards will be disabled in the following conditions:

  • On completion of 3 overs after activation of any Booster Card.
  • As soon as an Inning is over.
  • When the player goes back from the game page to the home page of MyJio
  • In case MyJio is inactive.
  • If the user clicks on the “Profile” tab on the game page.

You Must Read:

These were all the ways to earn more booster cards during the Jio Cricket Play Along game. Hope you guys now understand how these cards can help you to win the game and then get more prizes. If you still have any query about it, simply ask it in the comment section below, and we will answer your questions as soon as we can.


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