Jio Cricket Play Along PowerPlay: How to Earn & Use PowerPlay?

I hope you already know about Jio Cricket Play Along game. If not yet, please check our other articles, this whole site is about Jio Cricket Play Along. And in this article, we will be talking about Jio Cricket Play Along PowerPlay mode. This mode can be used to earn 3 times more points than normal. But to get this mode, you also need to do some tasks. Only then you can use it during the live game play.

jio cricket play along powerplay

What Is Jio Cricket Play Along PowerPlay Mode?

PowerPlay mode can be found in the top right corner of each question asked during the Jio Cricket Play Along live game as a button. There is also a number field which shows us how many times you can use it currently. The more number is left, the more time you can use it while giving answers to the questions asked about the real live game in advance.

jio cricket play along game

How to Use PowerPlay?

Every time you click on the PowerPlay button and activate it, it will provide three times more points if your given answer become correct in the real match. So the PowerPlay option can surely increase the chances for you to win the Jio Cricket Play Along game and win exciting prizes according to the number of points you have in your My Jio app account.

How To Earn More PowerPlay Modes On Jio Cricket Play Along Game?

Basically, there are multiple ways available to earn more PowerPlay modes. Below we have described all the way to earn more PowerPlay modes on Jio Cricket Play Along Game.

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  • You will get one power points for free when you log in to the My Jio App to play the game.
  • Then you need to complete your profile on My Jio app by providing all the required details. This task will give you another free powerplay mode. But remember that, you can not earn more than one modes by changing your profile data again and again just for the sake of earning more powerplay modes.
  • Another way is each time you answer minimum one over a question in three matches. You can participate in any three matches that will happen during the whole tournament.
  • You will also get your unique referral link for this game which you can share with your friends, family or on social media platforms. Once a person gets into this Jio Cricket Play Along game using your unique referral link, both of you will get one power play mode. But you can not earn more than one power play mode by referring the same person again and again.
  • There is also a specific amount of points fixed, by achieving which, you can earn more free powerplay modes.

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These were all the ways to earn more powerplay modes during the Jio Cricket Play Along game. Hope you guys now understand how powerplay modes can help you win the game and then get more prizes. If you still have any query about Jio Cricket Play Along PowerPlay mode, simply ask it in the comment section below, and we will answer your questions as soon as we can.


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