Jio Giga Fiber Plans & Pricing Details: Everything You Need to Know

Jio Giga Fiber, the talk of August 2018. This new connection was introduced a while back, and people have been wondering about how to get their hands on these. Just until a few days ago, no official news was given by Jio, but we are getting reports of Jio executives and employees using this device. Now the company has also initiated a promotional roll out as they have announced that a few cities around the country will be soon getting their hands on the Giga Router. This is not a commercial release, and no one can even directly purchase the device from a retail Jio store. Here we will talk about Jio Giga Fiber Plans, Offers & Pricing Details.

How One Can Get a Jio Giga Fiber Connection?

Firstly, you can’t just directly purchase one. You can fill out the registration form on their website or app and wait till the company is ready for a commercial roll out. Once it starts rolling out in your area, the company will contact you with the information on how to install it. Another option is to look for individuals or Jio representatives who are surveying the areas where the connection is now established. Until the product is released commercially, getting hold of a surveying Jio representative is your best option to get the Jio Giga Fiber. Look for brochures about the device and contact the numbers on these brochures if available. These few representatives will be able to get you a Fiber connection and even give the information on how to install and enable it.

Jio Giga Fiber

Pay Security Money

If you manage to get your hands on one of these, then the first thing you will have to do is pay security money of Rs 4,500. There is no charge at all for activation, installation or deactivation of the service. But if the customer is not satisfied with the service, then he can opt for a refund on the security money and deactivate the service. However, it may take up to 45 days for the refund to show up back in your accounts. Now as soon as you pay the security money and provide valid address and identity proof with a recent passport-sized photograph, one of the executives will get back to you with information regarding the installation and the service. A few days later some technicians may show up at the doorstep and set up the necessary wiring as well as Gigahub Home Gateway. As soon as your service is activated, you can start using Giga Fiber Internet.

Jio Giga Fiber Plans & Price 2019

Now as far as plans are concerned, Jio is offering a preview offer of free three months high-speed data usage. The users will get 100GB high-speed data per month at a throttle of around 100Mbps. If the user runs of the 100GB soon, then he or she can avail the free 40 GB top-ups that are available on the MyJio app as well as on the official Jio website. As of now, there are only leaks of this service being a prepaid service as only prepaid plans have come forward. However, there have been a few leaks about Jio planning to launch a few postpaid plans too.

On top of Jio Giga Fiber, Jio Giga TV is also still on the hold. There have not yet been any news about the TV recently, but hopefully, after the commercial Jio Giga Fiber launch, we can expect Jio Giga TV to follow soon and hit the markets.

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