How to Redeem Jio Cricket Play Along Game Points?

In our previous articles, we have shown how you can participate in Jio Cricket Play Along game and answer questions live and earn points. But now, you might be thinking, what can we do with the points that we earned by giving the correct answers? Well, that is the question, we will answer in this article that is how to redeem Jio Cricket Play Along game points and what benefit these points can give to us?

Jio cricket play along

How to Redeem Jio Cricket Play Along Game Points?

Before we answer this question, let’s know other facts about these points which can be earned by answering the questions.

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  • The scores given the by the official scorekeeper of the match will be the correct and final score. If your answer matches with the score given by the scorekeeper, only then, your answer will be considered as correct.
  • The number of points given for a question will be determined based on the question. There is no set points count which you will get for all answers. Questions asked during innings pertaining to the match will give you 50 points and questions that are asked prior to the start of each over and time-out questions will give you 10 points for the correct answer.
  • Points will be added to your account once one of your given answers get’s correct in the real match which you can see live on My Jio App.
  • Your account is associated with your mobile number. As soon as you participate with a new number, you will be specified as a new participant. So, if you have already got some points to your account, do not get into the Jio Cricket Play Along game with another number. Play with the same mobile number so that your points will be credited to the same account.
  • Even users who are not using Jio number, can still participate in the Jio Cricket Play Along game and earn points and watch the matches live on My Jio app. Non-Jio customers can even win the game. They are also considered same as Jio customer in this game. So, do not worry if you are not a Jio user. You can still participate and win Jio Cricket Play Along game.

So, now you know the facts how your points will be calculated and what will be considered as the final score. Now, let’s move on to how you can redeem the points to claim prizes that you’ve earned by playing Jio Cricket Play Along game. Actually, there will be various prizes for a different number of points collected. But as of now, those are not officially announced. So, we can not tell which prize you will get for what number of points. But as soon as we get information about it, we will inform you here. So, stay tuned.


To check your Prizes,

Open MyJio App >> Play Now

Now you will see 3 vertical dots in the top right corner

Click on the 3 dots>> Prizes >> My Winnings

Jio Cricket Points Redeem

You will see your winnings prizes/ coupons

To get the voucher details, Go to My Coupon Section from MyJio App

Jio Cricket Points Redeem

Jio Cricket Play Along Prize List

Though Reliance Jio has made another separate site for Jio Cricket Play Along, the prizes of these game have not been announced yet on the official website of Jio Cricket Play Along game. So, you need to wait a bit more to know which prizes can participants win by playing this fun cricket game. As of now, below we have listed some expected prizes of this game:

Update: Jio Cricket Prize Lists Added Now, Visit Here

  • Family or SUV Car
  • Cash Prize
  • Couple Trip to the USA
  • Hero Maestro EDGE Scooter
  • Amazon Vouchers Worth Rs 1 Lakh
  • Ajio.Com Discount Gift Vouchers
  • Paytm Voucher

I also think personally that Jio will give something as a prize which is related to their service. Like the possibility of giving free internet plans and Ajio vouchers are more. Because this way, Jio can also promote their services at the same time. But, on the other hand, there may be some sponsors associated with Jio Cricket Play Along who will provide their products such as bike, car, scooter, etc. So, what you think? What will be the prize? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.


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