How to Redeem Jio Cricket Play Along Game Points?

In our previous articles, we have shown how you can participate in Jio Cricket Play Along game and answer questions live and earn points. But now, you might be thinking, what can we do with the points that we earned by giving the correct answers? Well, that is the question, we will answer in this article that is how to redeem Jio Cricket Play Along game points and what benefit these points can give to us?

How Your Points Will be Calculated?

During each Match of the Tournament, you will have to answer questions within the Stipulated Time. The Stipulated Time could vary for each question and will be displayed on the game for each question.

For every question answered correctly, you will be awarded points in the following manner:

Jio Cricket Play Along Redeem Points

Once the answer option is selected, you will not be allowed to change the answer. If the colour of the answer option does not change, the server has not received the response and you would be required to select the option again. Please note that you have to select the answer option within the Stipulated Time.

The scores given the by the official scorekeeper of the match will be the correct and final score. If your answer matches with the score given by the scorekeeper, only then, your answer will be considered as correct.

Points will be added to your account once one of your given answers get’s correct in the real match which you can see live on My Jio App.

Your account is associated with your mobile number. As soon as you participate in a new number, you will be specified as a new participant. So, if you have already got some points to your account, do not get into the Jio Cricket Play Along game with another number. Play with the same mobile number so that your points will be credited to the same account.

Even users who are not using Jio number, can still participate in the Jio Cricket Play Along game and earn points and watch the matches live on My Jio app. Non-Jio customers can even win the game. They are also considered the same as Jio customer in this game. So, do not worry if you are not a Jio user. You can still participate and win Jio Cricket Play Along game.

So, now you know the facts about how your points will be calculated and what will be considered as the final score. Now, let’s move on to how you can redeem the points to claim prizes that you’ve earned by playing Jio Cricket Play Along game.

How to Redeem Jio Cricket Play Along Game Points?

There will be various prizes for a different number of points collected. There are different badges available in the game. These are Newbie, Beginner, Amateur, Seasoned, Professional, Master, Expert and Legend. Depending on the number of correct answers and booster cards (used) you will be awarded these badges. Later these badges might be helpful for you to win exciting prizes.

winnings points redeem

  • To check your winnings go to the Achievement tab.
  • The Prize details will be available to the participant in the ‘My Winnings’ section in the Play Along Game (via My Jio App).
  • On the same page, other details such as sponsor name and process to redeem the Prize will be made available.
  • On selecting the coupons in the ‘My Winnings’ section, you will be redirected to MyJio for the redemption of the coupon.
  • Please note Non-Jio subscribers will be required to enter their registered mobile number and the OTP received on the mobile number to access the Prize redemption details.

Exciting Prizes and Offers

Update: Prizes are now announced, you can see the list here.

The prizes of these game have not been announced yet on the official website of Jio Cricket Play Along game. So, you need to wait a bit more to know which prizes can participants win by playing this fun cricket game. I also think personally that Jio will give something as a prize which is related to their service. Like the possibility of giving free internet plans and Ajio vouchers are more. Because this way, Jio can also promote their services at the same time. But, on the other hand, there may be some sponsors associated with Jio Cricket Play Along who will provide their products such as bike, car, scooter, etc. So, what you think? What will be the prize? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.


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